Joseph Fenwick                                                  


Joseph Fenwick (1762-1849) was born in Cherryfields, Saint-Mary in Maryland.


He was a wine and spirits merchant, and a trade importer exporter with his elder brother James (1758)

and his first cousin Ignatus, Captain and ship-owner.


He went into partnership with John Mason in 1788.                                                     (Joseph Fenwick ‘s house built in 1795, Joseph died (87 years) in this house)


Joseph Fenwick lived in Bordeaux (Chartrons quays)

and cultivated vines near Saint Bruno ‘s Church.


In 1792 he married Catherine Eléonore Ménoire (born in 1772).

Joseph Fenwick was the first Consul appointed by G.Washington.


Joseph Fenwick was Consul between 7 June 1790 and 3 June 1801.

 He had one son Frank Fenwick (1793-1858),

himself Consul of the United States in Nantes and laird of Château Suau

     near Capian (a small town 30 kms from Bordeaux ) until 1857.   






Translation and photos :M.Davidson